Laser Eye Surgery: Things You Should Do to Prepare For The Procedure

Posted on: 29 October 2020

One of the outstanding procedures you can consider to improve your vision is laser eye surgery. This procedure is conducted by qualified eye surgeons and is meant to correct common eye issues to lessen the need to use contact lenses or glasses. The key to getting optimal results and speeding up the recovery process is to prepare in advance. So, how do you go about it? Below is a list of helpful tips you can consider when scheduling an appointment with the respective eye doctors.

Know if you are eligible for the procedure

The first thing you need to do before you make plans for the laser eye surgery is to determine if you are eligible. Candidacy usually is determined by various factors, including your general health, age, eye condition, and lifestyle. Eye doctors usually consider these factors and more before they can confirm that you are a suitable candidate.

The eye doctor will also need to know your medical history. This may include details about your past and present general health condition, eye condition, and the medication you have been taking. Make sure you are honest while sharing the information and present some documents, if possible. Don't forget to mention the medications you are allergic to.

Determine where and who will perform the surgery

You cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to delicate and precise procedures like eye surgery. After all, you only have two eyes, and if anything goes wrong, you'll blame yourself for a lifetime. For this reason, it's crucial to choose your eye surgeon and eye centre carefully.

Make sure that the eye centre uses updated equipment to perform surgery. Their staff should also be knowledgeable and experienced in doing surgery. Create time to visit the surgeon and ask a few questions to confirm that they are qualified.

Stop wearing your contact lenses

If you have been wearing contact lenses to correct your eye vision, you will need to stop wearing them a few weeks before the procedure or earlier. Contact lenses can change the cornea's shape over time, so if you do not wear them for some time, you will allow the cornea to return its usual form. This will make it easier for the eye doctor to get accurate measurements when preparing for surgery.

Consider wearing prescription glasses so you can get the best outcome after surgery. Remember that soft lenses need to be removed a week before surgery, while the hard lenses need more time, like a month earlier.

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