4 Great Reasons to Choose Titanium Eyeglass Lenses

Posted on: 19 December 2018

When you choose your next pair of prescription glasses, you'll probably be thinking about the shape and colour of your frames rather than the material. However, the material your frames are made from makes a big difference, and those who wear glasses regularly should definitely think about upgrading to titanium. Of course, titanium frames do cost a little more than those made from plastic or other metals, but they also present a wide selection of benefits, and here are just four.
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Understanding Macular Degeneration

Posted on: 20 June 2017

Macular degeneration affects your central vision and occurs when the macula (which is located in the centre of the retina) deteriorates. Those with the condition have no problem with their peripheral vision, but they experience varying degrees of vision loss when looking straight ahead. It's a common eye disorder that most often affects the elderly population, and it's categorised as either wet or dry. Wet macular degeneration is less common than dry macular degeneration, and it causes sufferers to see a dark spot when looking ahead due to blood vessels bleeding under the retina.
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Good Foresight: Tips for Visiting the Optometrist

Posted on: 29 November 2016

Though our eyesight is extremely important, we often don't do everything we can to protect it.  With our jobs, families and friends keeping us busy, it can be difficult to schedule out appointments for things such as optometrists, especially if you feel there's nothing wrong with your vision.  Besides, it can be awkward when you get there.  However, biting the bullet and going along regularly to optometry appointments can seriously help you in the long run!
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Eye Doctor | 3 Deterrent Techniques To Prevent Your Eyes From Going Bad When You're A Computer Buff

Posted on: 25 August 2016

Love spending several hours everyday in front of a computer for work or pleasure? You're now part of the growing echelons of digital buffs that cannot seem to get enough of the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, spending hours in front of the computer can hurt your eyesight more than you imagined. Visit your eye doctor regularly and follow these deterrent techniques to prevent your eyes from going bad. Make Sure The Screen Lighting And Ambient Lighting Isn't Too Bright
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